I have 9 old, wrinkly friends, who are retired or semi-retired. Five of them all used to work together and the other four are husbands. They didn't want to lose touch when they retired so they decided to meet and have lunch or dinner when it was their birthdays. However, they got disenchanted with buying a present every time, and decided instead to give a Birthday Bear (thats me.) I get passed from one birthday person to the next each time they meet. The fun part is, that I get to be dressed differently each time, usually to reflect some aspect of the recipient's personality or life.
PS: Two of my wrinklies, Chris and Bob, have gone on a working holiday tour around Australia so they don't celebrate with us very often.

Friday, February 26, 2010


George's Birthday is today exactly one week after Bill's so we have two Birthday Bear parties within a week. (Who's complaining?) George has recently been to Far North Queensland to go fishing with his brother. He showed us photos of him holding a huge fish that he caught. So Diane and Bill dressed me  as a fisherman.

I am holding up a big shark, rod under my arm and a net at my feet. 

George looks very happy with me.

Then he showed us how big it was,"the one that got away."
We went to Sunnybank Hotel for lunch. Ann had collected "shopper dockets" for each couple so that they got the second meal for $7.00. It was a cheap meal but very tasty for pub grub.  Diane had Barramundi fish she said  it was soft, juicy and delicious.
Bill loves sausages andDiane doesn't so he often has them when they go out.

Birthday boy, George had lamb shanks.

Ann had chicken wrapped in bacon , avocado and cheese sauce.

Mary had a similar dish.

Here are my wrinkly friends who celebrate their birthdays together with me. Woohoo I love it.  From the left: Bill, Diane, George, moi, Ann, Mary, Paul and Helen.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Bill is the cook in his household. See what a nice spinach pie that he cooked. It is his Birthday today so...........

Ann and George dressed me for Bill. I am in Ann's kitchen waiting to be taken to the birthday dinner and surprise Bill. The sign says, "I Rule My Kitchen". I love my table and contents as well my chef's checked pants.

When Bill arrived at the Gloria Hotel Restaurant I was there to greet him.
Bill was impressed with me.
The food was good.

The bargain was good. Buy one meal get one free. The pensioners were very pleased.
The Birthday Bear group enjoy having dinners for each of their birthdays. Instead of gifts they pass me around . I have to be dressed to reflect something of the recipients personality. I love all my different outfits.