I have 9 old, wrinkly friends, who are retired or semi-retired. Five of them all used to work together and the other four are husbands. They didn't want to lose touch when they retired so they decided to meet and have lunch or dinner when it was their birthdays. However, they got disenchanted with buying a present every time, and decided instead to give a Birthday Bear (thats me.) I get passed from one birthday person to the next each time they meet. The fun part is, that I get to be dressed differently each time, usually to reflect some aspect of the recipient's personality or life.
PS: Two of my wrinklies, Chris and Bob, have gone on a working holiday tour around Australia so they don't celebrate with us very often.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Its Paul's Birthday and we are going Indian tonight. Blimey it is cold and it is supposed to be Spring.
Paul loves walking his dog, 'Deja.' I will be able to go with him with my very own dog, 'Vue' I have a lead and my walking shoes and shorts. My shirt is a bit dirty where  Vue jumped up and left paw marks. I'm sure Deja and Vue will have fun romping in the park together. I wonder why the people behind me are looking over here at me. One of them came over later and asked what I was doing out to dinner with a bunch of wrinklies. Diane had to explain our Birthday Bear tradition. I bet they would have preferred to have a bear at their table rather than that little person in the high chair who screamed a lot.

Well thanks a lot Diane! She changed places with me so she wouldn't be sitting in the cold wind. Just as well I have thick bear fur to keep me warm.

Anyway I got to sit next to the lovely Mary who dressed me for walking and she gave me my dog, "Vue."


 It is Helen's Birthday and I'm going to stay at her house for a while.
Helen plays tennis every week and I will be going to play with her.
Diane bought me a tennis outfit with a visor and sweatbands. I also have my own racket and tennis balls.

It is hard for me to hold two balls (even one) so I have stuck the spare ball in my knickers like I see the pro's do.

A close up of my frilly skirt and the ball in my knickers. I bet you are wondering how I can hold the ball in my paw when I don't have fingers. Diane put velcro on my paw and the ball to help me.

 We went to Sunnybank Hotel for lunch. I had pride of place under the balloons. Helen is happy that I am going to tennis with her. She is ordering me fish and chips for lunch. Yum! Yum!

My wrinkly friends are from L to R Bill, George, Paul, ME, Helen, Ann and Mary.
Oooooh! How I love these Birthday parties.