I have 9 old, wrinkly friends, who are retired or semi-retired. Five of them all used to work together and the other four are husbands. They didn't want to lose touch when they retired so they decided to meet and have lunch or dinner when it was their birthdays. However, they got disenchanted with buying a present every time, and decided instead to give a Birthday Bear (thats me.) I get passed from one birthday person to the next each time they meet. The fun part is, that I get to be dressed differently each time, usually to reflect some aspect of the recipient's personality or life.
PS: Two of my wrinklies, Chris and Bob, have gone on a working holiday tour around Australia so they don't celebrate with us very often.

Friday, November 18, 2011


I was so lucky when Ann chose to go to Tamborine Mountain for her birthday, because she booked us into a 5 star B&B. 
 Helen and Paul dressed me and smuggled me into the B&B so that I could surprise Ann on her birthday.
We had a big room with a nice bathroom. There was a lovely guest lounge and dining room. It was all very posh. So I had to mind my manners.

 I was dressed as a telephone operator in the old days. When Ann was a young'n that was her job.  Helen even made me a switchboard to operate. I had headphones that looked suspiciously like ones out of an airplane. I had a plug for the switchboard which looked suspiciously like a car cigarette lighter. I also had a string bag full of groceries to take home for dinner.

 I loved my blonde hair and big boobs and I hope I can get a date tonight.

 Ann had a good chuckle when she saw me and we all had a great birthday breakfast.

Ann thanked Helen for making me look so beautiful.
After breakfast the oldies went off and enjoyed themselves visiting lookouts, the glow worm cave, the botanic gardens and the skywalk.

 Do you know what? 

They left me here to work on the switchboard all day. Anyway I had fun listening in on all the calls and catching up with the village gossip. The food was good in the dining room too.


  1. It was a wonderful time, thanks Birthday Bear - must go back again some day.

  2. Ooh, the birthday breakfast looks yummy! Are you sure you don't need some extra help eating all that honey toast! hehe

  3. WOW that was a brillient switchboard they made!!!!

    They went to a glo worm cave?? That must hav been like Disney land!