I have 9 old, wrinkly friends, who are retired or semi-retired. Five of them all used to work together and the other four are husbands. They didn't want to lose touch when they retired so they decided to meet and have lunch or dinner when it was their birthdays. However, they got disenchanted with buying a present every time, and decided instead to give a Birthday Bear (thats me.) I get passed from one birthday person to the next each time they meet. The fun part is, that I get to be dressed differently each time, usually to reflect some aspect of the recipient's personality or life.
PS: Two of my wrinklies, Chris and Bob, have gone on a working holiday tour around Australia so they don't celebrate with us very often.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


It was Bill's birthday last month and the wrinklies took me to Sunnybank Hotel to celebrate. Helen and Paul got me ready and can you believe it they gave me my own computer? I'm so happy to be going home with Bill where I can play on my computer all day. I love it just as much as Bill does.

 Bill was happy to have me go home with him and  play along side him. I even have an Apple the same like Bill. (But I think it is only a pretend Apple)

Paul made me my very own computer desk too and I have a spot in Bill and Diane's family room. Helen bought me a new pair of sandals too just like Bill's.
I thought I would go out in sympathy with Bill and take a lens out of my glasses like Bill has because he had a cataract hoperashon. I'm glad I didn't have to have a hoperashon.

I even let my beard grow so I would look like Bill with his white beard. Now I have to learn how to write my own posts so Diane doesn't have to help. Trouble is I don't have any pingers.


  1. Your glasses look very smart Birthday Bear! We're glad you're learning to use the computer! We get to play some video games sometimes on Papa's computer, but ti's true, our paws are a little bit too big for the keyboard too.

  2. Video games wow I would love that.

    1. Video games? That would be fun, maybe there is a game where simulate fishing for salmon you. The desk is perfect, did you get that at IKEA?

  3. Oh dear BB (Birthday Bear) I'm sorry I missed you and BB (Bill Bohlen's) birthday in March! I popped over here to refresh my memory about how you, BB (Birthday Bear) came about! And there I saw BB's (Bill Bohlen's) birthday! Happy birthday to you both: BB (Birthday Bear) and BB (Bill Bohlen) for 15 March 2014. (you see, I'm a wrinkly and I tend to miss and forget things. LOL!) BTW you do good with those pingers of yours ! xx